Jasmine Lockwood


Jasmine A. Lockwood
designer & builder of digitial experiences   •   ux + visual & interaction design focus


A container for thought with visual assistance for personal growth.

Design Phase II of a mobile app which syncs to a wearable device to extract real-time data from biosignals and is used to visualize and allow regular tracking of daily moods, states, and actions.

concept • ux/ui • self-help

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react to content

The implementation of five reactions in the Hudl community.

Hudl now features the ability to react to feed content. This positive measure increases user engagement and makes people feel valued.

ux/ui • interaction • user research + testing • social

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The re-design of RIT’s course and task management experience.

My re-design of the current web experience and user interface of RIT's myCourses has clearer resources, and improves communication, task management, interaction, access, and academic success.

ux/ui • interaction • user research + testing • education

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the reel

An immersive video experience for sports enthusiasts.

The Reel is a mobile entertainment platform for sports fans to see premium highlights from hundreds of their favorite sports daily. A curated, custom experience is based on what you follow, watch, search for, and more.

ux/ui • interaction • sports

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feature accounts

An internal marketing tool for Hudl to feature curated accounts to athletes.

Hudl internal Marketing tool which enables and simplifies the process of selecting accounts to feature to athletes and coaches based on sport.

ux/ui • user research • marketing

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Captured personality and preferences of the individual.

A mobile experience that creates personalized, customizable room arrangements and decor.

ux/ui • interior decorating

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