Jasmine A. Lockwood
UX + Visual and Interaction Designer
React to Content →
ux • ui • user testing • social • prototype

Hudl now features the ability to react to feed content. This positive measure increases user engagement and makes people feel valued.

Feature Accounts →
ux • ui • web • marketing • prototype

Hudl internal Marketing tool which enables and simplifies the process of selecting accounts to feature to athletes and coaches based on sport.

betr →
concept • ux • ui • mobile

Mobile app syncs to wearable to extract real-time biosignals and is used to visualize and allow regular tracking of daily states and actions.

Search on Android →
ux • ui • mobile • social • prototype

Android search feature for Hudl athletes, using Google's material design. Pinpointing athlete's name, followers, sport, school, city, and state.

Donna →
ux • ui • mobile • prototype

A mobile app serving those who desire extensive personal assistance and an opportunity to ace a timeless, hand-picked ring.

starstream →
ux • ui • mobile • social • prototype

Mobile app that aggregates social media feeds into a single feed; simple access to the latest activity, news, and photos of top artists.

Giving CIAS →
ux • ui • web • prototype

Renewal of the RIT Giving CIAS website and donation process; an engaging, easy-to-use, way for Alumni and donators to allocate gifts.

Vesti →
ux • ui • mobile • web • marketing • prototype

Touch screen display in dressing rooms pairs with mobile app to create an advanced, personalized shopping experience.

TurboTax Social Proof →
ui • web • social

Social data used to increase new user sign-up for TurboTax.com. Profiled turbotax.com homepage for six weeks in Jun-Jul 2014.